Juuva’s mission is to provide high-quality products and prosperous and stable career opportunities for all who join the team. Our vision is to become the most respected direct- selling enterprise in the world, by fostering an atmosphere of respect and excellence while searching for ways to improve the lives of those all around the globe.



Grant Pace
Juuva Co-Founder and President

Frankie Kiow
Juuva Co-Founder



Play the video below to view Grant Pace teaching – Values That Define Us.

The Values That Define Us

  1. We put our Distributors first. We value each and every one as an individual, not just a product seller.
  2. We believe in the highest level of customer service.
  3. We believe compensation should be generous, with a bias toward early income and wealth creation.
  4. We believe in fairness. We foster a level playing field where all can succeed.
  5. We do not buy Distributors, believing such practices to be unfair and economically unsound.
  6. We honor our obligations, believing such is a sign of integrity, even if it is to our economic disadvantage.
  7. We seek out world-class products that will perform to the highest standards, permit a legitimate retail opportunity, and where possible, permit demonstration of 100% of the product value.
  8. We value loyalty and reflect it in our long-term relationships.
  9. We attempt to foster a community of mutual respect, support, maturity and positive motivation.
  10. We believe in enthusiasm, but not hype.
  11. We believe in being personally responsible to Distributors in the office and by phone.
  12. We believe most field problems can be resolved by upline leadership who demonstrate and teach maturity.
  13. We define leadership to mean helping others make money, not public speaking ability or size of organization.
  14. We believe a Distributor’s system for self-improvement is critical to the long-term success of the individual Distributor and the company.
  15. We believe there should only be one such company-approved system, and that it should be Distributor-run for the benefit of all Distributors, without being a profit source for any one Distributor or group.
  16. We believe new countries should be opened intelligently.
  17. We administer all policies without regard for color, creed, gender or nationality.
  18. We take seriously our tagline, “Transform Your Life,” as a corporate mandate and an invitation to all participants.

Juuva Difference

Juuva has just entered the US market and is already attracting the attention of the very best of the best in global Network Marketing. With mounting excitement, the company is poised for substantial growth over the next 12-24 months.

Juuva is a debt-free company so you can count on stability

Most innovative and powerful compensation plan

Cost Effective buy in and autoship options

Combines power of binary and uni-level structures

Seamless global expansion

Choices, simplicity and true uncapped earning potential

Open in USA, Philippines, & Taiwan

Training & support system designed by industry leaders

High quality, unique products

Highly experienced and respected management team

Our vision is to empower all people to live an amazing life, free from artificial limitations that keep them from experiencing pure health, pure abundance and pure joy. We are dedicated to producing powerful products, each clinically tested for optimum results and containing only gentle, natural ingredients. Juuva products are designed to enhance your overall wellbeing through incredible health benefits, and are exclusively available through Juuva distributors.

Being a debt free, international company with record growth and seamless global expansion gives Juuva a unique edge on other companies, and its recent launch in the US market creates a ground floor opportunity for distributors


Summit Training & Support System

Summit is the only authorized business development and training system for Juuva Enterprises, Inc.

“Make an unwavering commitment to yourself and Juuva, and we will lead you to the Summit of your success!” – Grant Pace, President – Juuva International

Summit Success was formed under a unique alliance between Juuva International and its founding distributors. It is designed to help all distributors, including you, REACH THE SUMMIT.

Summit Success offers you decades of experience in this industry from the world’s most successful Network Marketing leaders. Summit’s mission is to support you with tools, training and a positive community culture, designed to enhance your personal mastery while helping you develop very specific Network Marketing skills. This will be accomplished as you learn from, and work directly with, many of the world’s top Network Marketing leaders and earners.

Summit Success includes:

  • A calendar of Online and Live Events occurring throughout North America
  • Written and audio training materials
  • Online video tutorials
  • Effective marketing tools and proven strategies
  • Regular webinars and conference calls designed to teach, train, motivate and inspire
  • A continuing monthly education program featuring: inspirational audios, book reviews and magazines that will provide personal training along with leadership instruction.